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Hyphen Tech was born in 2021 from the skills and affinities of a handful of enthusiasts who wanted to shake up the established rules with the arrival of connected devices for industrial vehicles..

As a result of our experience in the distribution of technical parts to the main manufacturers of industrial vehicles, we have built up a solid experience to meet the needs and challenges of a sector of activity that is undergoing rapid technological change. Sector of activity in total technological mutation.

The programmed end of fossil fuels is forcing all players in the transport, handling, and construction industries to redefine their needs in an environment where climate change and social issues will be at the heart of the equation. This technological breakthrough is a great opportunity to reinvent new solutions by fitting IoT (Internet of Things) within vehicles. The growing number of connected objects allowing the perfect symbiosis between our so-called physical equipment and their digital existence.

It is within this context that Hyphen Tech wishes to collaborate with its partners in the development of bold technological solutions for efficiency, personal safety, animal welfare and the environment, animal welfare and the environment, themes that are important to each member of our team.

Welcome to Hyphen Tech !

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